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We install backflow prevention devices for commercial properties up to 2" in diameter.

All commercial properties in the some areas are required by ordinance to install a BACKFLOW PREVENTION DEVICE   And to have this device re-certified each year.

This may seem like a terrible imposition on business but it really is a logical and necessary device to protect the water supply  from a possible backflow condition of used and tainted water from cross connections or poor connections that exist in some old buildings from re-entering the city water system.

Of course the thousands more home connections to the system are a bigger threat but no municipality in Florida has been successful getting the people to agree to accept this despite the evidence.

The cost of this installation varies by the conditions present but generally under 1000 dollars.

Note: Due to the theft of these bronze devices, I only recommend installing backflow devices with galvanized piping to and from the valve. That will make it much harder to remove the valve by thieves.

Please call 738-9001 for prices and more information.