"For PLUMBING SERVICE in All Volusia County And Surrounding Areas"

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Please help us to identify persons that can benefit from this service! CALL or E-mail militaryhelp@DELANDPLUMBING.COM

If you or someone you know is having financial difficulties because of a spouse deployment and needs emergency plumbing service, please use:



the 20 dollar labor for a Sewer blockage service call. (see below)

     To the families of our servicemen and women in the armed forces in Afghanistan and to those deployed throughout the world. 

In the past few years, there has been excellent news and new developments concerning the troops (Welcome home)  but some are still deployed abroad.


Many spouses are still deployed.

(We know you are proud Americans. You sometimes won't take help but I am here to tell you that our one great joy in this business, is that we get the chance to help and support you in any way we can. Please permit us to show our appreciation.)

Since moving to Central Florida my wife and myself have been trying to think of a way to give back to this community that has been so welcoming to us.

We started this company in the Volusia area in 2005. as you can imagine, we have had more than a few years of hard times and many times we have felt stressed and concerned for our success.

During that time we constantly reminded ourselves that the stress that the spouses of deployed husbands and wives make daily, dwarfs  the small amount of stress we were experiencing. You have helped us.

We're more successful every day and we want to pay you back.

     We believed that by volunteering some services to these families, perhaps we can relieve some of YOUR stress.  


Thank you for your family's service.

     IF you are the husband or wife, and are in financial stress because of a deployment, and if you have an emergency plumbing problem. Call me if you can use us.

  • Labor is 1 dollar for a water heater that  you supply.    No other costs will be added.
  • If We supply the heater,  the labor to replace your leaking ELECTRIC Water Heater will be 1 dollar and it will be replaced with a new top quality Rheem ELECTRIC Water Heater.  That is to say,  my wholesale cost of the Electric Water Heater and wholesale materials plus one dollar for labor.

       If you, or a service spouse you know, can use this service, please contact us.


     Feel free to spread the word in any way possible. We are not looking for anything but a way to help relieve financial stress caused by a deployment and to give something back to the soldiers families for their sacrifice.

      The service to these American guardians  will be provided as a priority. If you are a regular customer of mine, I am sure you understand.

      Limited to private homes, subject to minimal verification and within 25 miles of the city of DeLand or all of Volusia County. After the installation or service, we will still owe you more than we could repay.

    Let's bring these magnificent men and women home safe soon. Until then, we want to help is a very small way.

     Politics aside, all Americans know that you are ready and willing to fight for all of US and for our freedom. You proudly stand when so many of us sit and enjoy the simple things in life.

     We take you for granted but we know it is because of your commitment to our country we have this life we enjoy. We wish you and your family the best of luck and we hope you will let our little company, help your family in the future.

Ken and Lan Anderson

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