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Ever so often I get asked, How can I maintain a Water Heaters efficiency.

  • The best way is to flush out the unit every year.

  1. Leave the water on when you do this. Attach the hose and turn the small valve on at the drain valve. If the water is very polluted, the valve may be stuff up and not work. It may not even close after you open it, however it may clear out if you open and close it several times. (I can do this for you for a small 25 dollar fee if you mention this webpage). 386-738-9001
  2. Replace the anode rod (opens another page on this website.
  3. About insulation around the tank. I'm not a big fan of this. If installed on a new water heater it is surely a redundant item. On an older tank, The                                                        possibility of a fire exists, not a big possibility, but enough of one that I do not want to put a combustible blanket around it.
  4. Insulate the piping. The pipes to and from the tank radiate heat, rubber insulation from a local home improvement store (Ask for 7/8" for the cold and hot lines  and if the left one (hot) is smaller on your tank, ask for 5/8 rubber for the hot one.
  5. CALL ME! that's the easiest way to protect the pipes, get the highest efficiency and for you to know where you stand with your Water Heater energy situation.

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