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Some of the more common reasons that the water runs slow. some  are the most obvious in retrospect.

1.    Is the meter valve  open enough?

  • The valve at the meter is a sometimes difficult valve to rotate to the full open position. The valve usually is a small  brass  knob designed to be turned with a Water Meter Key
  • (key is generally available at your local hardware store), This little brass knob usually has an arrow on it that should be pointing towards the house.
  • In Deland, many meters have a simple hand crank valve. Turn this to the left if it is not already open.

2.  Is the water only slow in some locations of the house?   

  • If this is true, check if there is dirt in the aerator at the end of the faucet spout. If you can unscrew it from the spout look for sand and other deposits in the screen.
  • Check if the hoses are kinked under the sink.
  • If a toilet is running  slow, check the valves to the toilet, see  if it is fully open.
  • If only the hot water is running slow, check if the water heater valve is open fully.
  • If it is only cold water in the bathtub, You probably have a defective valve at that tub or shower and this can be fixed

4.If all else fails to solve the problem, you may have a galvanized water line that is restricted... Replacement  of that line will give a great deal of  relief to your water pressure problem.

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